Hand Sanitizing Gel 60ml - Toun28

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Hand Sanitizing Gel 60ml - Toun28

Product description

  1. 65% ETHANOL: More than 60%ethanol is recommended to disinfect your hands.
  2. DRY QUICKLY: It’s a gel type that dries quickly, so you can clean your hands anytime and anywhere without having to wash them.
  3. NATURALLY DERIVED INGREDIENTS: Naturally derived aloe extracts and other ingredients help moisturize your hands.
  4. SAFE FOR KIDS: Pure natural ingredients are gentle enough for children’s sensitive skin, while still killing germs.
  5. POCKET SIZE: It’s easy to carry and made out of paper. Throw it in your purse, backpack, briefcase, beach bag ect. Always have a way to keep your hands clean.


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