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Release date: 18th march 2022

Expected in stock: 28th march 2022

NB! The outer box is for protection of the goods only. Damages such as scratches, dents or discoloration on the box cannot be compensated.

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2 types of package boxes (1 type per version)

- 2 types of photobooks (1 type per version)

- 2 CD-Rs (1 per version)

- 1 lyric paper (same as limited edition)

- 2 random out of 24 photocards (same as limited edition)

- Random 1 out of 8 ID photo cards (same as limited edition)

- Random 1 out of 8 mini posters (same as limited edition)

- 1 sticker (same as limited edition)


Pre-order benefit:

1) Random 4 out of 24 trade-type unit photocards, designated envelopes for each version (same as limited edition)

2) 2 types of folding posters (1 type per version)